Home Owners a Method for Reducing Energy Bills: Super Windows

AAA Quality Home Improvement Offers Virginia-Maryland-Washington, D.C. Areas Home Owners a Method for Reducing Energy Bills: Super Windows

It is predicted that the winter of 2010 is going to be the coldest winter on record for the Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC area. Homeowners have been provided a reprieve the last nine years. “But all good things must end. But in this case they don’t have too” states Scott Thompson of AAA Quality Home Improvement, “A super widow can reduce energy bills by up to 50 percent.”
Consumers are always looking for a deal, but that doesn’t always mean getting the best value. “Buying the lowest cost window could possibly be the most expensive purchase a home owner may make, compared to a super window.” states Scott Thompson of AAA Quality Home Improvements.

Buying a super window is an investment, and the overwhelming majority of homeowners are not good at selecting the best possible window that meet their real needs. The challenge is complicated due to the large selection of window manufacturers, contractors, glass, framing, etc. Most homeowners are forced to make a decision with a high pressure, hard-close, and one-visit sales company. Now home owners have a tool that can help narrow down the selection. The Window Buying Guide and it is free from AAA Quality Home Improvement.

What does a Super Window look like? – Simple put, a Super Window is a triple pane window that has four layers of Low-E and the spaces in-between glass are filled with krypton gas. But that’s the rub, even though you will have six surfaces with a triple pane widow, the window is going to be very heavy. So a homeowner must look at purchasing a super window as an investment, not an expense. The frame must be robust and sturdy. Finally, the installer must be experienced.

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