Intercept Warm Edge Spacer is a proven window technology
that provides the most durable and most reliable glass seal available today.
It’s U-Shaped construction flexes with temperature-induced expansion and contraction, keeping the seal intact. It’s once-piece construction has the strongest corners, with no joints. It’s specially designed sealant retains performance-enhancing gas better than other systems. It’s steel structure and revolutionary grid retainer clip maintains grids straight and secure.




IntelliGlass High Performance Glazing Systems offer a variety of energy efficient glass options. Each IntelliGlass package features Solar Control Low E Glass and a performance-enhancing gas filling between the panes of glass. Detailed information can be found at the IntelliGlass website.



Solar Control Low E Glass is designed to reflect heat back to its source. Solar heat is reflected away from the home in the summer, and furnace heat is reflected back into the home in the winter. By using one pane of Solar Control Low E in our double-paned IntelliGlass,
and two panes in our triple-paned IntelliGlass Plus and Supreme packages,
Vinylmax windows conserve a great deal of energy.



Performance-enhancing gases, like Argon and Kryton, are harmless gases found in the air we breathe every day. But, since they are heavier than air, they act like a blanket, keeping heat where it belongs.
Double-paned IntelliGlass and triple-paned IntelliGlass Plus feature argon gas. Triple-paned IntelliGlass Supreme features krypton gas, for the ultimate energy performance.